Enhancing Your Commercial Space

When you have a commercial building in the UK, you should always be looking for ways to enhance it. Whether it’s an entertainment venue, a grand lobby to a corporate building or hotel, or something else, you want it to “wow” people as they come in.
Choosing a company that can help you with the transformation is critical. At Stud Walls and Ceilings LTD, we have the experience with everything from office fit outs to suspended ceilings.

Energy Efficiency
One of the best ways that you can enhance your commercial space is by making it more energy-efficient. Often, tall ceilings with exposed ductwork can be the cause of your high electric bills. Rather than demolishing the building and starting over, or trying to move your business to another location, we can work with you.
Suspended ceilings allow you to lower the height of the ceilings. Beautiful tile ceilings can be created, adding breath-taking aesthetics while also helping you with energy efficiency.

You may also be struggling with the amount of sound heard within your commercial space. You don’t want sound echoing throughout the location, particularly when you have networking events. People want to be able to eat, drink, and be merry without hearing every sound from within the location.
Soundproofing your location can be accomplished with dry lining the walls, adding suspended ceilings, and more. We’ll work with your property to create the solution that will work best given what’s already in place.

Transform the Space
You may also be looking for a dramatic transformation that will help you to be a more popular destination for events, whether it’s weddings or networking events. New walls, ceilings, and more can be created so that you can enjoy a full refurbishment. Whether you already have ideas or want to hear directly from our contractors, we’ll show you what can work.
We want to be your partners to enhance your commercial space any way that you wish. We’ll be happy to discuss various recommendations based on what your space looks like and what you want to accomplish in the area.
Contact us today to learn more about our reliable services.

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